Themes & Main outcomes

Eight Themes were tackled by the EUCEET III project:

  1. Implementation of the two-tier study programmes in civil engineering education across Europe, following the Bologna process
  2. Enhancement of the cooperation between civil engineering faculties in Europe by the development of joint degrees
  3. Doctoral programmes – 3rd cycle – and research in civil engineering faculties
  4. Best practice in establishing and running multi-disciplinary programmes of education, involving civil engineering and other fields
  5. Implementation of the framework for qualifications in civil engineering based on learning outcomes and competences
  6. Approaches to teaching and learning, assessment and performance in civil engineering education
  7. Making the European civil engineering education better known and more attractive outside Europe
  8. Developing a synergy between academic and professional worlds

The main outcomes of the EUCEET III project are:

  • organization of 3 Pan-European Conferences in civil engineering education

- Santander, March 2007
- Warsaw, October 2008
- Paris, October 2009

  • organization of 10 workshops on topics related to the eight themes
  • publication of three new EUCEET volumes in the series “Inquiries into European higher education in civil engineering”
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